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Writing by the Water


Writer. Painter.

Alison Armstrong is a writer of fiction and non-fiction.


21 April, 2022


A contemporary coming of age story. Sherrie-Lee is reinventing herself, setting herself up in new surroundings to become a storyteller and environmental crusader. but when her plans to manipulate events go askew things get more complicated than she could have imagined. '..captures the powerless half-light of adolescence and all who are lost.' This is a story about identity, the importance of storytelling and the powerlessness of nature and those without a voice. An allegory of alienation and the yearning to connect to the world. It will be published by Saraband books 21st April 2022.

'An unforgettable story of outrunning poverty through the power of stories and imagination.'

'Compelling. The prose bubbles and snaps with an energy that’s as changeable as its teen protagonist … a stunning, important novel about poverty and hopelessness, compassion and resilience.' Emily Devane

'This arresting debut challenges assumptions and captures the powerless yearning of adolescence with a voice that is fresh, magnetic and often funny – one that pulls you in and won’t let go.' Saraband


Alison Armstrong has been writing for many years, whilst working other jobs and has been long-listed and shortlisted for several prizes/awards.  In 2017 and 2023 she won a Northern Writers' Award for fiction and was shortlisted in Harper's Bazaar Short Fiction Prize (2019) and the Bridport Prize (2019) and long-listed for the Nan Shepherd Prize 2019 for non-fiction. 2020 she received a Literature Matters Award from the Royal Society of Literature and a Project Grant from Arts Council England 2021 for the production of her play. She lives in Lancaster. Her first novel, Fossils, came out with Saraband Books 2022. She is working on a non-fiction book on the East Yorkshire Coastline and a short story collection.



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