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Rehearsals  - Lost Voices of Morecambe Winter Gardens

Outdoor rehearsals in a year of Covid (summer 2021)

maggie wig
elsa and helen
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Lost Voices of Morecambe Winter Gardens

a play for voices

Opening at 7.30pm on Thursday 12th August, The Lost Voices of Morecambe Winter Gardens is an award winning play by Alison Armstrong, celebrating our theatrical heritage and the fabulous Morecambe Winter Gardens in particular. It is a lyrical homage to the theatre of bygone times. Complete with Soundscape and Imagescape the play presents an immersive experience of real and fictionalised events in the life of the theatre. It is a play of voices of characters who have worked and performed there. A celebration of cleaners and usherettes, musical elephants, boxers and fortune tellers, trapeze artists and more.  The characters gossip and bicker as their memories come alive. Alongside the voices it incorporates a soundscape and images/short film clips from Morecambe and Morecambe Winter Gardens. It is a celebration of history and voices. A mixture of humour and lament. Approximately 90 minutes long. Maggie Wignall, Helen Dickinson, David Findlay, Melanie Murphy, June Metcalfe and Matt Panesh will perform as the narrators and voices.  Jason Kenny, will compose original music and soundscape, mixing by Juan Pablo de Lucca and Anton Peys on the Cello. Max Howarth will produce original images to be incorporated with film and images of Morecambe and the Winter Gardens into the imagescape by Lawrence Cwerner.


Thursday, 12th August, 7.30pm (Preview £5 nhs/care workers)

Friday, 13th August, 7.30pm

Saturday,  14th August, 2.30pm and 7.30pm

tickets £10/£6

Tickets at

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